Wedding Package


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Whether you are a bride or groom, parents of the happy couple, or the entire wedding party, learning to dance together for a wedding day, or for a lifetime, offers you a unique and fun experience. Each private lesson will focus on the fundamentals of frame, lead and follow tips, and learning numerous fun and elegant dance steps that will have you feeling polished and confident on the dance floor.

Private Lesson Details:
Private lessons are 55 minutes long and will be conducted at one of my studio locations.  

Wedding Package Rates: (Pricing good for 2 people):              $350
5 Lesson Wedding Package (includes choreography to your chosen song) 


I teach private lessons Monday-Friday, from 2pm-8:00pm at the following studio locations:

  • Next Level Dance Center, 950 W. Maple Rd. Suite B, Troy, MI 48084

  • Lessons may also be booked at: The Dance Studio, 110 S. Main St., Romeo, MI 48065 (Contact Amy for details)

Please contact me for a current list of my open hours.

To schedule a private lesson / lesson package, book a workshop, or discuss an upcoming function, please contact Amy at: 

  • All lessons are directly scheduled with and paid to Amy L. Tranchida.



With the Wedding Package, if you have selected a song already, please let me know your song and artist choice before our first meeting so that I can download the song and begin to establish the choreographic concepts for your dance. 

Or if you prefer, or are still deciding on your song, you can bring a copy of your selected wedding song / song options to our first lesson, (via Ipod/Iphone or CD) and we can discuss your selection / narrow down your list.

Once you have your song, we will discuss which dance styles best match your music selection, dance space, personalities, and vision for the big day, and then develop an amazing dance.


Floor Space

As we work on your wedding dance(s), please let me know what kind of dance floor you will have (i.e. wood, tile, concrete, carpet, other) and approximately how big it will be.  Also, please let me know where the guest seating will be (i.e on 3 sides of the floor, or all around you), and whether you will have a DJ, live band, or Ipod etc. for the dance song(s). 

And finally, with the Wedding Package, please consider if you would like to walk in and then have the music start, walk in with the music, or be on the dance floor and then have the music begin...we can do any of these options, as we explore your thoughts and vision for your wedding dance.



Dance Styles

For wedding couples and bridal parties/party members, I recommend learning patterns from Rumba, Waltz and/or Foxtrot--as these dances are user-friendly, elegant, fun, and they teach you the basics of partner dance pretty quickly.  

Depending on your wedding playlist/song selection, many classic song tempos match Rumba and Foxtrot rhythms.  That being said, if your song is fast-paced, certain Swing, Salsa, or Merengue or Viennese Waltz patterns may fit best.  We will find the dance style(s) that best fit your song selection and your personalities.  Also, depending on your song choice, we can try to combine certain styles for the most fun and impact. Overall, it is your day and we want a dance that has you feeling comfortable, confident, and celebratory.